AgriPOWER® HGDF (Holy Grail Dry Formulation) Organic Fertilizer

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AgriPOWER® HGDF (Holy Grail Dry Formulation) is a naturally organic-based Complete Plant Nutrition & Soil Rejuvenation System that delivers richer quality, healthier produce, greater yields, and higher profits. The ingredients are from nature’s plants & organic-based minerals. The active ingredients act as a natural enzyme with plants to produce more chlorophyll that fosters nutrient uptake & thereby enhancing plant growth and yields. AgriPOWER® is loaded with nature’s essential micronutrients. AgriPOWER® assists the beneficial bacteria in the soil in breaking down the organic-based matter in the soil into humus while also providing an additional long term benefit in providing atmospheric nitrogen for plants and nutrients in the soil. It aids in the prevention of soil erosion, increases water-holding capacity in soil, and helps maintain a healthy growth (CFU) of beneficial soil bacteria, which in turn increases soil fertility and pH. AgriPOWER® provides short & long term plant nutrition as well as early initial growth.


FACT: Of most Chemical fertilizers that are heavily laid onto the soil,
just 50% or less is actually absorbed by the plant. The remaining
fertilizer is leeched into the ground and into water tables, causing

FACT: AgriPOWER is by far superior, in that it is a 70% foliar/30%
soil application fertilizer. AgriPOWER total absorption is 75% to 80%.
If applied to the soil pre- sunrise, the rate of absorption is nearer,
85% to 90%.

FACT: Plants absorb essential elements through their leaves. The
absorption takes place through their stomata and through their
epidermis. Transport is characteristically faster through the stomata,
but total absorption may be as great through the epidermis.
FACT: Plants are also able to absorb nutrients through their barkskin,
rind or shell. Up to 65% of the AgriPOWER foliar spray is absorbed
within 25 minutes, with the majority being absorbed by the younger
leaves and/or by the underside of the leaves.

FACT: Leaves have transcuticular pores (i.e. pores between cell
structures) and stomata through which, AgriPOWER sprays can
enter the plant. The transcuticular pores are on both the upper and
lower surfaces of the leaf and are open all the time so, foliar-applied
nutrients predominantly enter through these pores. The uptake
efficiency is 10 -12 times better through the leaves, than through the

FACT: In the long term, AgriPOWER helps in soil rejuvenation, by
improving soil water holding capacity – thus providing the impetus for
soil micro-organism to re-establish colonies, and aid in; fauna and
flora growth, a vital property for soil rejuvenation.

FACT: With AgriPOWER, the degree of leeching is virtually zero,
due to the fact that most of the 70% of foliar that is sprayed, is
absorbed – the balance of which, 30%, is sprayed on the soil – a
negligible amount to be leeched into the ground, but this amount is
more than sufficient to help in re-establishing the soil microorganisms
that further aid in Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF).


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