Founded as an answer to a nebulous, largely unregulated hemp marketplace, Hemp Market Exchange is a place for hardworking hemp producers to connect with the customers who need what they offer. As hemp enthusiasts ourselves, we know that both the supply and the demand are there — it’s just a matter of giving them a safe place to meet. The answer is Hemp Market Exchange.

It’s All About Community

The ingenuity, passion, and excellence of hemp experts really get us excited. We believe it’s ridiculous for consumers to miss out on the benefits of such hard work, which is why we founded Hemp Market Exchange. Our platform makes it easy for producers to advertise and build their brands while positively impacting the lives of their customers. As a market, we support hemp farmers, CBD producers, equipment sellers, and even educators. We remain passionate about sharing the power of hemp.

We Cultivate Success

Hemp is important — nobody knows this better than we do. We feel privileged to offer a safe, quality venue where producers and consumers alike can feel confident. Most importantly, we want fellow hemp lovers to feel like they have a home. We’re excited about what the future holds!